Pokémon Go Aquatic Paradise – All Pokémon encounters, bonuses, and Field Research tasks

With the start of July, Pokémon Go continues the Shared Skies season with more events and even more chances for you to catch Shiny Pokémon. We have the Aquatic Paradise event to celebrate the arrival of the New York Pokémon Go Fest.

The Aquatic Paradise is a global event that all players can participate in, even if they can’t attend Pokémon Go Fest in New York. Ducklett is the featured Pokémon for the event, debuting its Shiny version alongside several other Water-type Pokémon for you to catch. Multiple unique Pokémon encounters and bonuses will be available to all players, as well as special Field Research tasks you can grab throughout the event. Here’s a full breakdown of what to expect from the Aquatic Paradise event in Pokémon Go.

All Pokémon encounters for Aquatic Paradise in Pokémon Go

Ducklett in Pokémon Go
Have a chance to catch a Shiny Ducklett. Image via the Pokemon Company, Remix by Dot Esports

Ducklett is the primary Pokémon you can expect to encounter, with an improved chance to catch it. The Aquatic Paradise event lasts from July 6 to 9, giving you a short weekend to potentially encounter a Shiny version of Ducklett. The Shiny version does continue to appear in Pokémon Go, but the chances of finding it are significantly lower.

These are all the expected Pokémon you can encounter during Aquatic Paradise. We’ve added an asterisk (*) next to their name to signify if they can appear in a Shiny version.

  • Clamperl*
  • Corphish*
  • Ducklett*
  • Frillish*
  • Horsea*
  • Staryu*
  • Wingull*

Some Pokémon only appear if you use Incense on your character. Some of them are exclusive to the Incense, so if you’re ever going on long walks, it might be a good idea to use one before you begin.

  • Finneon*
  • Frillish*
  • Lapras*
  • Shellder*

All bonuses for Aquatic Paradise in Pokémon Go

All players receive passive bonuses for playing the mobile game through the Aquatic Paradise weekend. You don’t have to participate in the Aquatic Paradise event to get these bonuses, but they do go away once everything has wrapped up.

  • Increased chance of encountering event Pokémon from Incense
  • Incense-exlusive Pokémon appearances
  • Twice as much XP for catching Pokémon

All Field Research rewards for Aquatic Paradise in Pokémon Go

Finally, when you spin a Poké Stop or a Gym, there’s a chance you might receive an event-exclusive Field Research. These have a distinct Field Research tag underneath them, rewarding you with unique rewards and Pokémon encounters should you finish them.

We’ll be updating this section as we learn more during the event.

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