Zenless Zone Zero – Best Soldier 11 build in ZZZ

Meet Soldier 11, a model member of the New Eridu Defense Force who only expects the best from herself when she steps into a battle in Zenless Zone Zero.

Soldier 11 is a playable Attack character that brings a ton of Fire-based damage to the frontlines, while also being one of the more beginner-friendly characters to try out. She doesn’t have a really complicated kit, but with the right W-Engine and Drive Discs, she can be a menace to any enemies as a main DPS or sub-DPS fighter.

For those looking for an easy character to pick up, here is the best Soldier 11 build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Soldier 11 builds in Zenless Zone Zero

The Brimstone in ZZZ
Bring the fire. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best W-Engine for Soldier 11: The Brimstone

Since Soldier 11 is constantly using basic attacks to activate her Fire Suppression ability, The Brimstone is the perfect W-Engine to compliment her style of play. She needs as much damage as possible and as she ramps up her basic attacks and dash attacks, she’ll continue to increase her damage over eight seconds.

Ultimately, the longer she stays in battle, the stronger she’ll become with The Brimstone loaded up into her core, and should be a perfect addition to boost her effectiveness as a main DPS.

Best Drive Disc for Soldier 11: 4x Inferno Metal and 2x Woodpecker Electro

Since Soldier 11 relies on her attacks to apply a ton of Fire damage, a four-set of Inferno Metal Drive Discs is perfect since it boosts her critical strike rate by a whopping 28 percent when she hits any enemies who are burning. If you’ve been using her abilities correctly, then most of your foes should be on fire, which is good for you.

Woodpecker Electro, however, is a simple two-disc set that increases Soldier 11’s critical rate by eight percent, which also stacks on top of Inferno Metal’s own passive. As a result, this combination should shred through enemies with relative ease.

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