Should you sell or dismantle in The First Descendant?

Your inventory will fill up quickly as you progress through The First Descendant. You’ll be looting more weapons, modules, and additional resources as you dive further into the story, and you might be wondering if it’s a better idea to sell your items or dismantle them.

The ultimate goal is to clear up more of your inventory for better items you find as you level up. The real question is if you’ll benefit from having more resources to spend on future upgrades or if you should focus on earning gold to spend on the costly research programs and bonuses awaiting you in The First Descendant.

Is it better to sell or dismantle gear in The First Descendant?

Dismantle your gear in The First Descendant
Dismantling your gear from your inventory. Screenshot by Dot Esports

My experiences with The First Descendant have taught me that dismantling your gear is a better option than selling it. Although you get gold whenever you sell your items to vendors, gold is a far easier resource to acquire in the game than it is to find specific materials. These materials take a lot of time to gather, and you spend them equally fast.

Between the two, you’re always going to be earning gold. Nearly every mission or enemy you defeat offers you gold in The First Descendant. Thus, getting materials when you dismantle gear pieces is a far better payout because it’s easy to get gold. You’ll want to focus on removing any old gear you don’t use anymore, marking it as junk, and dismantling it before launching the next mission. It helps not to worry about having a full inventory when you’re grabbing any weapon or modules that drop after a successful operation.

Even if you’re hurting for money, focusing on grinding missions is better than selling your old equipment. Your old equipment won’t sell as much as you’ll earn from these missions in The First Descendant, plus the other materials and resources you can earn from completing them. Progressing through the main story and running through side missions is your top priority, making it easier to find better gear and take on tougher challenges. You’ll want to pop any Boosters you have when this happens to make the grind easier or spend your earned Caliber.

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