Should you pick Toni Kroos End of an Era or Steven Gerrard GOTG Icon in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Progressing through the ongoing Festival of Football seasonal ladder in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team presents you with a difficult choice. Should you pick Toni Kroos End of an Era or Steven Gerrard GOTG Icon as your reward? It’s not as tough a choice as you might think.

Reaching the final stages of the EA FC 24 Season 7 progression ladder nets you some very nice rewards and gives you some choices to make. The 35 levels of progression involve several decisions on the player’s behalf. Most involve a straightforward pick between a specific card or a pack, where you decide whether you want to test your luck or take the guaranteed reward. The only exception to this rule is at level 34.

The penultimate level in EA FC 24 Season 7 offers you a choice between two now-retired midfield legends—Toni Kroos End of an Era or Steven Gerrard Greats of the Game Icon. Which one should you pick? This is what we’re here to answer.

Toni Kroos End of an Era vs. Steven Gerrard GOTG Icon: Who should you pick?

You’re getting one of the best central midfielders in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team either way, so the choice isn’t as tough as it probably looks. Neither player is miles better than the other, and which one you go for should be dependent on your squad’s needs. These two may share the same position, but they are not the same player.

A defender slide tackles an attacker in EA FC 24.
Toni Kroos is the better option if you’re looking for a defensive midfielder. Screenshot by Dot Esports

If you want a defensive midfielder who also acts as a deep lying playmaker, go for Toni Kroos and his maxed out passing stats and interceptions. If you’d rather have a box to box midfielder with a taste for going forward then you’re better off with Steven Gerrard, who excels at shooting the ball and threading that perfect lead pass to your striker. You could also discard any in-game logic and just go for whoever you like more. That’s always an option.

There are other ways to get your hands on a Greats of the Game card. Completing the Greats of the Game Team 2 Upgrade SBC is arguably the best bargain currently in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, and it expires soon. You really don’t want to miss out on that one.

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