Zenless Zone Zero – Best Lycaon build in ZZZ

Von Lycaon is a playable S-Rank agent in Zenless Zone Zero, and as a member of the Victoria Housekeeping, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

To help you understand how powerful and valuable he is, here’s the best Lycaon build in Zenless Zone Zero

Best Lycaon Zenless Zone Zero build

Victoria Housekeeping Faction in Zenless Zone Zero.
One of the best Factions. Image via HoYoverse

As a powerful Ice unit, Lycaon is a hybrid support with decent damage potential. He mostly performs best as an opener, and thanks to his stun, Lycaon is one of the best S-Rank agents you can get in ZZZ. While he offers a ton of value with his support abilities and decent Ice damage, Lycaon also needs proper tools to work with, so it’s necessary to equip him with good W-Engines, Drives Discs, Bangboo, and level up his Skills


Two characters sitting on top of a car in Zenless Zone Zero.
Pedal to the metal. Image via HoYoverse

To maximize the potential of Lycaon’s kit, you need to get him a proper W-Engine. Although he has strong supporting capabilities, Lycaon also deals damage, so equipping him with a W-Engine that has offensive stats but also provides some utility is the way to go. Fortunately, Lycaon has decent options for both light spenders and free-to-play players.

Here are the best W-Engines for Lycaon:

  • The Restrained (S-Rank)
  • Precious Fossilized Core (A-Rank)
  • Six Shooter (A-Rank)
  • Vortex Arrow (B-Rank)

The Restrained is a fantastic S-Rank weapon and as Lycaon’s signature W-Engine, it provides everything he needs, making it his best in slot. This W-Engine provides an Impact stat that boosts Lycaon’s Daze capability. It also increases his Ice damage and has a pretty high base attack, which are nice additions to Lycaon’s overall kit. 

Precious Fossilized Core is a decent A-Rank weapon and a great alternative for Lycaon. Although it’s not as strong as his signature W-Engine, the Precious Fossilized Core increases Lycaon’s Daze by 10 percent whenever the opponent’s health is low. 

If you’re low on pulls, then Vortex Arrow is a viable option and it’s a B-Rank weapon you can get easily by playing the game.

Drive Discs

Army of Bangboos running in Zenless Zone Zero.
Make sure you give him the best gear. Image via HoYoverse

While W-Engines are important for the success of this build, Drive Discs are also essential for Lycaon. Since he’s a hybrid support that also deals damage, you want to give him something that increases both his damage and supporting capabilities and luckily, Lycaon’s Drive Disc options are very straightforward.

Here are the best Drive Discs for Lycaon:

  • Shockstar Disco (four-piece)
  • Polar Metal (two-piece)

The four-piece Shockstar Disco is the best choice for Lycaon because it matches his kit perfectly. This set increases Lycaon’s Impact by six percent, but the true value lies in the four-piece passive which inflicts 20 percent extra Daze to opponents whenever Lycaon uses Dash, Dodge or Basic Attack.

To match its synergy and increase Lycaon’s damage even more, equipping him with a two-piece Polar Metal is the way to go. This two-piece adds 10 percent Ice damage, which boosts Lycaon’s damage a lot. 

Drive Discs stats and substats

Every agent in Zenless Zone Zero can use Perfect Dodges.
The most dangerous crew in the Hollow. Image via HoYoverse

Getting proper Drive Discs alone is not enough. Good stats and substats are necessary for those Discs to be viable, and since Lycaon does a bit of everything, he wants a big mixture of stats.

Here are the main stats you should target:

  • Slot four: Crit Rate or Crit damage
  • Slot five: Ice damage
  • Slot six: Impact

While getting those main stats can be tricky, to make the most them you should aim for a balanced crit ratio and as much Impact you can get.

Best Bangboo

Belle standing with some Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero.
Choose your partner in crime. Screenshot by Dot Esports

As your main sidekick, Bangboos are there to provide more utility and increase your team’s overall value. Lycaon’s best friend is an S-Rank Sharkboo who deals Ice damage and inflicts Anomaly Buildup. Additionally, Sharkboo inflicts 80 percent more Anomaly Buildup when there are at least two Ice Attribute characters.

Lycaon Skill priority

As the main part of Lycaon’s kit, you must invest into his abilities, and since he excels at many things, you want to focus on his best Skills.

Here are the Skills you should prioritize:

  • Basic Attack
  • Special
  • Dodge
  • Ultimate

To use his kit to its utmost potential, you want to equally invest into all of his abilities. Leveling up his Basic Attacks and Special will increase his damage significantly, and investing into his Dodge and Ultimate will make his Daze stronger.

Best Lycaon Mindscapes

Soukaku agent working in Hollow Special Operations Section 6 Faction in Zenless Zone Zero.
With or without them, he’ll never let you down. Image via HoYoverse

Lycaon is a powerful S-Rank unit and his kit functions perfectly even without Mindscapes, but if you really like the character, the best Mindscape you can get is his Mindscapes one. This is a good stopping point because not only can you get a free Lycaon copy after 300 pulls, but this Mindscape increases his Daze by an additional 15 percent.

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