How to defeat the Devourer in The First Descendant

Devourer is the fifth boss in The First Descendant, and unless you know the most optimal way to beat it, you might be stuck on it for quite some time. Here’s everything you need to know to beat the Devourer in The First Descendant.

How to defeat the Devourer in The First Descendant

Gameplay of the Devourer boss fight in The First Descendant
The boss isn’t the main problem. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Devourer is a level 54 Void Intercept Battle in The First Descendant on normal difficulty and has plenty of weak points to shoot. Here are the weak spots you should be targeting when fighting the Devourer:

  • Sensor on the head
  • Core on the chest
  • Balancers on ankles
  • Shoulders

The boss’s attacks are all straightforward, but just like with the Dead Bride, the fun begins in Devourer’s frenzied state. In the frenzied state, the Devourer becomes immune and drops three toxic pods that heal the boss until you destroy them.

Focus on destroying these pods as fast as possible, or the boss will return to full health. I recommend saving your strongest abilities and High-Power weapons to destroy these pods rather than damaging the boss.

Best loadout to the Devourer in The First Descendant

Devourer boss overview in The first Descendant
Focus on those weak points. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Although the boss doesn’t have a lot of health, you still need the highest DPS weapons to avoid the consequent frenzied states. The types of weapons don’t matter much, as you can fight the boss up close or at a distance.

Devourer has very weak resistance to Electric damage, so Bunny with the Thunder Cage is a solid loadout to go for. Ensure your weapons don’t have Toxic or Chill attack stats because the boss has high resistance to both attributes.

For increased survivability, equip the Toxic Antibody or Polygenic Antibody Modules; both increase your resistance to Devourer’s Toxic attacks. I also equipped the Absolute Curse Module to dispel buffs after removing the boss’s shoulders.

All Devourer boss rewards in The First Descendant

Loot-wise, the level 54 Devourer has a few drops worth farming to expand your collection of Descendants and weapons.

Here are the Amorphous Materials linked to the Dead Bride:

  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 029
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 030
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 031
  • Amorphous Material Pattern: 032

The highlights of these materials include the blueprints for Valby Stabilizer, Viessa Code, Ajax Spiral Catalyst, and Valby Code. When it comes to weapons, you can find blueprints for several Ultimate weapon parts like Albion Cavalry Gun and The Final Masterpiece. The Amorphous Material Pattern: 031 can also drop the Crystallization Catalyst blueprint required to research the Crystallization Catalyst.

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