Zenless Zone Zero – All Notorious Hunt Unlocks in ZZZ

If Zenless Zone Zero’s regular combat feels like a walk in the park, just wait until you unlock Notorious Hunts. These battles pit you against the game’s most formidable foes and are guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

Besides all those flashy limited-time events and banners, Zenless Zone Zero dishes out weekly challenges like Notorious Hunts. In these high-stakes brawls, you go toe-to-toe with some seriously beefy beasts, all in the hopes of seeing that glorious WIPEOUT screen and drowning in a sea of rewards. The loot is so juicy it’s almost criminal, so naturally, you can only do these hunts three times a week. Plus, you can’t unlock them until you’ve slogged your way to the mid-to-late game in the 1.0 version of ZZZ.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock every Notorious Hunt in Zenless Zone Zero and share some tips on how to get through each of them.

How to unlock Notorious Hunts in Zenless Zone Zero

Notorious Hunt Twin Marionettes ZZZ
Time for battle. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Notorious Hunts are weekly boss throwdowns where you get to duke it out with beefy adversaries in Zenless Zone Zero. They’re only available three times a week, regardless of which boss you wish to tackle.

To unlock Notorious Hunts, speak with Ophelia during Chapter 2 Intermission. She’s your gateway to these battles, but only after you’ve opened the Bardic Needle Music Store.

Each Notorious Hunt has its own unlock criteria tied to the story, and here’s how you can unlock each:

  • Newborn Dead End Butcher, the first Notorious Hunt, unlocks during Chapter 2.
  • Unknown Corruption Complex, the second Notorious Hunt, unlocks during Chapter 2.
  • Twin Marionettes, the third Notorious Hunt, unlocks during Chapter 3. For me, this happened at around level 28.

It’s likely more Notorious Hunts will come in future updates to Zenless Zone Zero.

Best team for Notorious Hunts in Zenless Zone Zero

Given how hard Notorious Hunts are to beat, you must assemble your dream team for these takedowns in Zenless Zone Zero.

  • Against the Newborn Dead End Butcher, ice-themed squads are the best. So a team including Ellen, Lycaon, and Soukaku helps
  • When you face off against the Unknown Corruption Complex, electrify your team with Anton, Grace, and Rina.
  • To beat the Twin Marionettes, bring Nekomata, Soukaku, and Lycaon to the battlefield.

Notorious Hunts rewards in Zenless Zone Zero

rewards for completing notorious hunt ZZZ
Claim your goodies. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Defeating these behemoths nets you goodies like the Ferocious Grip or the Living Drive, depending on which boss you beat in Zenless Zone Zero. Plus, you get Inter-Knot Credit, Investigation Merits, and other treats to boost your Proxy clout.

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