Speedrunners are beating this viral indie raccoon mascot horror game in 15 minutes

Indigo Park is the latest viral mascot horror game to take the internet by storm. It was bound to attract speedrunners given its popularity, but no one expected them to break the game this quickly.

In Indigo Park, you explore an abandoned amusement park to uncover the sinister secrets hidden inside. It’s one of the latest YouTube crazes, so speedrunners have been hard at work finding ways to beat the game as quickly as possible. On May 21, speedrunner Danger1451 cleared the whole of Indigo Park chapter one in just over 15 minutes, without using any major glitches.

In the video uploaded to YouTube, the speedrunner rushes through the level, swiftly grabbing key items and running away from animatronics. Danger1451 carefully planned the optimal route and executed the run flawlessly to achieve a record time of 15 minutes and 22 seconds. The run mostly relies on expertly traversing the environment while picking up and placing items as quickly as possible. Danger1451 also skips a few areas by already knowing the codes to unlock doors, saving several minutes over a casual playthrough.

15 minutes and 22 seconds is a great record, but considering we’re only a week into the game’s lifecycle, there’s still plenty of room for improvement in the future as new glitches and routes are discovered.

Indigo Park launched on May 18 and is totally free-to-play. It amassed a large cult following in a matter of days, and now the game’s second chapter has been successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It’s still early days, with the game being just under a week old, but with all the excitement and new players, it probably won’t be long before new game-breaking glitches emerge that let speedrunners finish the game in less than 10 minutes.

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