This may be the next big Soulslike, and it has a genre-bending mechanic

A new Soulslike set in a world of Italian folklore, Enotria: The Last Song, is coming in 2024. There’s a demo releasing on May 22, so very soon, you’ll be able to explore Enotria’s vibrant world and experiment with its genre-bending mask mechanic.

Entoria: The Last Song seems like it could be the biggest addition to the Soulslike genre in 2024 after Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. Its gameplay looks as fierce and unforgiving as you’d want from a Soulslike, and it introduces a completely new way to customize your loadout that could redefine Soulslikes in the future.

In Enotria: The Last Song, you can switch between various masks that are all inspired by traditional Italian theater masks. They give the game an aesthetic unlike any other Soulslike out there, but they serve more than just a decorative purpose—they alter nearly everything about your character’s loadout. Your weapons, perks, and stats change when you switch between one of three masks.

The mask mechanic completely changes how fans of the genre will approach bosses. You won’t have to stick to one specific playstyle until you find another Larval Tear, like in Elden Ring. You can switch mask mid-battle to swap between a close-range tank and a ranged caster optimized to deal magic damage from afar.

Developer Jyamma Games is launching a demo for Enotria: The Last Song on May 22. The demo is eight hours long and promises to give you a glimpse of its world and let you experiment with its distinctive mechanics. The full game is coming to PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S on September 19.

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