These ‘excruciating’ Baldur’s Gate 3 mechanics led D&D devs to overhaul spell rules in new handbook

Two spell mechanics in Baldur’s Gate 3 are actually so “painful” to use that they’ve significantly altered the DNA of Dungeons and Dragons forever.

BG3 is based on the fifth edition rules for Dungeons & Dragons, and although these rules have yet to pose too much of a problem for tabletop players, there were a few constraints with some spells in particular—specifically Cloud of Daggers and Produce Flame. These pressure points were so great, lead Dungeons & Dragons designer Jeremy Crawford has admitted, that they’re actually being overhauled in the 2024 Players Handbook.

the 2024 handbook and manuals
The new handbook and manuals are rolling out later this year. Image via Dungeons and Dragons

In the Handbook video, Crawford mentioned that the D&D team has long been brainstorming ways to improve the fifth edition to make it “more enjoyable” and provide a smoother gaming experience. But, it wasn’t until he played BG3 and saw these spells in action that it truly cemented their changes. These changes will make them more versatile and easier to use to ensure that casting them is no longer “excruciating.”

These changes will be a welcome relief for many players, who have also noted how painful these spells are, but their usefulness is too good for them not to use. As one player commented, this is because using spells like the Cloud of Daggers is “disturbingly satisfying,” as it can make challenging battles easier if you know how to cheese them with this spell.

Larian has yet to announce whether the team will update BG3 to reflect these spell changes in the 2024 Handbook, which will begin to roll out from Sept. 17. However, if Larian does eventually implement these changes, it would make many players happy.

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