Which LoL champion says ‘The focused mind can pierce through stone’?

Yesterday’s LoLdle champion quote may have been on the easier side, especially for AD Carry players or anyone who loves Arcane, but today’s July 8 quote is certainly on the tricker side if you don’t journey into the jungle much.

Who says, “The focused mind can pierce through stone” in LoL?

The LoLdle quote on July 8 is, “The focused mind can pierce through stone.” The League champion who says this line is Master Yi.

master Yi LoLdle quote
Screenshot by Dot Esports via LoLdle

Going into today’s LoLdle quote, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Over the past few days, we’ve had some real headscratchers and, like yesterday’s iconic Jinx quote, some that could be considered pretty easy. For today, I didn’t want to Jinx myself (heh-heh), but I thought it would also be fairly easy. However, I was wrong.

As a support main, I don’t play too many champions outside my bot lane role unless I’m loading up some ARAMs, and even then I try to stick to mages I know. Master Yi isn’t one I’ve played often and I don’t think I’ve heard this quote while playing before. (He says it while moving.)

Truthfully, I thought this was something Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda would say, and seeing as he isn’t a League champion, I figured that option was out and that it had to be someone with sage-like wisdom. The only champ I could think of was Master Yi, so I threw caution to the wind and plugged him in—and, as it turns out, got it before anyone else.

I knew all my (seemingly useless) Kung Fu Panda knowledge would have to come in handy one day. Here’s to hoping it will save me tomorrow.

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