Zenless Zone Zero – How to complete Anby’s Problem commission in ZZZ

You’ve probably been locked in a staring contest with Trust and Companion Commissions in Zenless Zone Zero for what feels like forever. All you want is to kick off and complete Anby’s Problem to get this friendship journey rolling.

Just like in a Persona game, Zenless Zone Zero has a Trust system where you buddy up with the Agents you protect in the Hollow. You get to hang out with them IRL and bond over commissions. But don’t get your hopes up for romantic strolls with Anby or Nekomata early on. The Trust and commission mechanics are locked away until you hit a point in the main story. Even then, watch your mouth because you only get one shot at these quests. In this guide, I’ll show you how to start and complete Anby’s problem in ZZZ.

How to start Anby’s Problem in Zenless Zone Zero

Anby sending Belle a DM in ZZZ
Slid into your DMs. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To unlock the Anby’s Problem commission, slog your way through the main story until you hit Chapter 2 Interlude Intermission in Zenless Zone Zero. For me, this happened at around level 32.

When you’re finally ready, Anby slides into your DMs. Respond to her message and, in the morning, drag yourself to Random Play and have a chat with the other Proxy inside. Only then can you head over to Sixth Street and speak with her.

How to complete Anby’s Problem in Zenless Zone Zero

Head over to the Box Galaxy gadget store on Sixth Street. This is where the fun begins. Anby throws questions your way that can make or break your budding relationship. Here are all the right answers to Anby’s Problem in ZZZ:

  • When she says, “In terms of taste, nutrition, and value for money, burgers are the highest-rated food in modern society. I recommend you give it a try,” hit her back with, “That makes a lot of sense.” A little validation never hurt anybody.
  • If she laments, “I’ve been going over the last month’s accounts for the Cunning Hares. It’s better than before, but we’re still in the red,” reassure her with, “Isn’t Nicole always saying she wants to reduce her expenses?” It shows you’ve been paying attention and are just as financially clueless as she is.

After your heart-to-heart with Anby, it’s time to report back. Drag yourself back to Random Play and fill in the other Proxy on your conversation with Anby.

Completing Anby’s Problem does more than boost Anby’s Trust level—it unlocks Trust Events and rewards for all the other Zenless Zone Zero characters too. Plus, you’ll get a little closer to Anby, which is, of course, the real prize here.

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