Zenless Zone Zero – All Sixth Street HIA Commemorative Coin location in ZZZ

Zenless Zone Zero is teeming with life: You’ve got your ramen joints, coffee shops, an arcade, and a bunch of vibrant NPCs glued to their phones, all wrapped up in their side quests. Oh, and let’s not forget the NPC literally living in a trash can, begging for HIA Commemorative Coins.

HIA Commemorative Coins are a special currency in Zenless Zone Zero, perfect for snagging extra Agent and weapon upgrade rewards. But with all the Polychromes, Encrypted Master Tape, Fading Signal, and Residual Signal floating around, you might be left scratching your head about what HIA Commemorative Coins are for or how to get them. In this guide, I’ll show you every HIA Commemorative Coin location on Sixth Street in ZZZ.

Zenless Zone Zero – All HIA Commemorative Coin locations on Sixth Street

speaking with Elis to accept HIA Commemorative Coin in ZZZ
Sir, have you got a coin to spare? Screenshot by Dot Esports

Below, you can find a list of the NPCs you should talk to if you’re looking to get all 18 HIA Commemorative Coins on Sixth Street in ZZZ.

Commemorative coin no. Time of day Location How to get Commemorative Coin
One Morning Mrs. Yani in front of the Remodeling Shop Chat with Mrs. Yani. Then, cross the street and interact with the marked Bangboo near the general store. Return to Mrs. Yani.
Two Morning Sjal near the Ramen Shop Have a conversation with Sjal, who’s right outside the Ramen Shop next to Random Play.
Three Morning Luo and Phil in front of the Remodeling Shop Speak with Luo and Phil. Climb the building stairs beside them and interact with the crate on the roof.
Four Morning Fragrant Plant in front of Coff Coffee Look for a glowing Fragrant Plant, interact with it, and complete the dialogue.
Five Afternoon Elis in the Ramen Shop Talk to Elis, then the trash can at the end of the road. Speak to Elis again to complete the quest.
Six Afternoon Lupita near the phone booth in front of the Convenience Store Speak with Lupita and complete the dialogue.
Seven Afternoon Pavol, Chuck, and Clara beside the Convenience Store Talk to Pavol and Clara. Interact with the trash can, trigger a new dialogue, and speak with Pavol and Clara again.
Eight Afternoon Travis outside Random Play Find Travis outside the store and talk to him.
Nine Afternoon Clara in front of the Remodeling Shop Speak to Clara, take a picture of her with your camera, then talk to her again.
10 Afternoon Mr. Panda outside Coff Coffee Interact with Mr. Panda when he has a golden glow.
11 Afternoon Packing Crate outside Bardic Needle Engage with the glowing yellow crate in front of the Bardic Needle right across Random Play.
12 Evening Jonah near the Arcade Talk to Jonah and finish the dialogue.
13 Evening Dumpster near Officer Mewmew Interact with the glowing dumpster behind Officer Mewmew.
14 Evening Hannah near the Convenience Store Talk to Hannah, interact with the vending machine in front of the coffee shop, then return to Hannah.
15 Evening Locker beside the Workbench in Remote Play Interact with the glowing locker.
16 Evening Roy near the Convenience Store Talk to Roy and give him 300 Dennies.
17 Night Gerant near the construction site beside the Remodeling Shop Speak with Gerant, then talk to Sita behind Howl’s lottery stand, and return to Gerant.
18 Night Skateboard beside the Gadget Store Interact with the glowing skateboards right around Coff Coffee.

What to do with HIA Commemorative Coins on Sixth Street

Turn in your HIA Commemorative Coins to the Sage in a Barrel in Sixth Street to get Senior Investigator Logs, W-Engine Energy, and Denny rewards in Zenless Zone Zero. While there aren’t specific reward milestones like with Officer Mewmew’s medals, the general rule is the more HIA Commemorative Coins you turn in, the more rewards you get.

Where is the Trash Talking in ZZZ

To unlock the Sage in Barrel NPC, you must complete the Trash Talking side quest. To do so, speak with Elis, the blond man in a suit in the Ramen shop to receive the quest. To find the talking trash can, wait until the evening and head to the street corner in front of Coff Coffee and next to the magazine stand.

The Sage inside the trash can asks you to find HIA Commemorative Coins for him and your quest for hunting them all begins. Report back to Elis to complete the quest and get the first HIA Commemorative coin.

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