How to unlock Esiemo in The First Descendant

Esiemo is your demolitions expert in The First Descendant. He specializes in high-yield explosives and isn’t afraid to cop a little damage as he detonates his bombs and mines all over the battlefield.

He’s also one of the tougher Descendants to unlock for free, but it is possible. Here’s how to research and unlock Esiemo in The First Descendant.

How to get Esiemo in The First Descendant

Esiemo's research cost from The First Descendant.
You’ll need quite a few resources to unlock Esiemo for free. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To unlock Esiemo via Research, you’ll need to take 400,000 Gold and four Esiemo resources to Anais: One Esiemo Enhanced Cell, one Esiemo Stabilizer, one Esiemo Spiral Catalyst, and one Esiemo Code. The research will take 16 hours to complete. We’ve gathered the full list of requirements, including how to get your hands on the more unique items.

Material Main Requirements Advanced Requirements
Esiemo Enhanced Cells 292 Flectorite
462 Shape Memory Alloy
76 Deformed Biometal
One Esiemo Enhanced Cells Blueprint

200,000 Gold
Eight hours Research

Esiemo Enhanced Cells Blueprint
– Intercept Battle (Common): Dead Bride, Amorphous Material Pattern 022
Esiemo Stabilizer 408 Ceramic Composite
455 Reverse Charging Coil
26 Organic Biogel
One Esiemo Stabilizer Blueprint

200,000 Gold
Eight hours Research

Esiemo Stabilizer Blueprint
– Intercept Battle (Hard): Dead Bride, Amorphous Material Pattern 067
– Intercept Battle (Hard): Devourer, Amorphous Material Pattern 077
Esiemo Spiral Catalyst 290 Semi-permanent Plasma
363 Nanopolymers
46 Specialized Biometal
One Esiemo Spiral Catalyst Blueprint

200,000 Gold
Eight hours Research

Specialized Biometal:
– Drops from monsters on Hagios

Esiemo Spiral Catalyst Blueprint:
– Vespers (Normal): Void Fusion Reactor, Moonlight Lake

Esiemo Code Acquired from completing specific activities. Activities:
– Vespers (Hard): Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor, Moonlight Lake
– Kingston (Hard): Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor, Grand Square
– Agna Desert (Hard): Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor, The Storage
– Hagios (Hard): Abyssal Void Fusion Reactor, Corrupted Zone

Alternatively, you can purchase Esiemo for 900 Caliber (about $20 USD) through the Shop. This lets you skip the research entirely and unlocks the Descendant immediately.

What does Esiemo do in The First Descendant?

Esiemo from The First Descendant outrunning an explosion with a small stat window below.
“You don’t build a reputation, you explode it!” Screenshot by Dot Esports

Esiemo is an explosives expert, handling mines and bombs to destroy the environment around him. As a result, he boasts a high HP pool with a focus on dealing AoE damage, specializing in Fire. Here are Esiemo’s abilities in full:

  • Passive: Adventurous Habit
    • When Esiemo’s shields are depleted, he drops a bomb on the ground.
  • Active Skills:
    • Time Bomb: Fires a sticky bomb at a location. The bomb can stick to the ground or on enemy units and its explosion radius will be displayed.
    • Blast: Esiemo detonates all bombs, with their damage increased based on the quantity of deployed bombs.
    • Guided Landmine: Places a landmine on the ground with a large AoE. The mine will fly to the first enemy that walks within the AoE. If it hits terrain first, it sticks to the wall/ground.
    • Arche Explosion: Esiemo dashes forward and deals damage, knocking back enemies he collides with. Using the ability again while moving deals burst damage to enemies nearby. Enemies affected by Arche Explosion lose all their buffs. After use, Esiemo receives the Madness buff, granting a damage, movement speed, and weaken effect.

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