Zenless Zone Zero – All Factions in ZZZ

Factions in Zenless Zone Zero are a crucial way to develop synergy between your agents and unlock additional abilities to turn the tide of the battle.

There are many ways to improve team synergy when you’re building a team in Zenless Zone Zero. You can use agents with similar elemental powers to unlock their additional abilities, but you’ll only have a few agents with the same elements in the early game, which leaves you wanting more ways to synergize your agents.

That’s where Factions come in. They add a new dimension to team building by linking different agents through a common background. Here’s all you need to know about Factions in Zenless Zone Zero.

All Factions in Zenless Zone Zero, listed

Belobog Heavy Industries Faction members Anton, Ben and Koleda standing together in Zenless Zone Zero.
A little bit of powerful construction energy. Image via HoYoverse

Like elements, factions give your Agents additional abilities if you have two or more agents sharing the same faction. These abilities enhance their kit, improving the team’s overall performance.

So, even if you don’t have a pure Elemental team, you can refer to characters’ Factions and form your team based on those to reap the benefits of their synergy. Here’s a look at all the characters and the Factions they share to help you make your team.

Factions Faction Members
Gentle House alias Cunning Hares Anby
Belobog Heavy Industries Anton
Victoria Housekeeping Co. Corin
Alexandrina (Rina)
Sons of Calydon Lucy
Hollow Special Operations Section 6 Soukaku
Hoshimi Miyabi
Criminal Investigation Special Response Team Zhu Yuan
Obol Squad Soldier 11

As the game progresses, new agents should add more variety to the existing factions and provide more options to diversify your team combinations in Zenless Zone Zero.

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