Zenless Zone Zero Bagboo – How to unlock the Remodeling Shop in ZZZ

Zenless Zone Zero is full of events, challenges, commissions, and other side activities to keep you busy and engaged with the reward system, including unlocking the remodeling shop.

Zenless Zone Zero just dropped, but it’s already packed with cool events. Some are easy, like logging in daily, while others have trickier quests. One event, Rookie on the Road, has you tackling various challenges as you play through the main story and side quests. There’s one task that stands out: Unlocking the Remodeling Shop. For some reason, this task is called “Bagboo” (instead of Bangboo) and doesn’t give much information. In this guide, I’ll show you how to unlock the Remodeling Shop and get more Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to unlock the Remodeling Shop in Zenless Zone Zero

Bangboo in Remodeling Shop ZZZ
Hi there, little buddy. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To unlock the Remodeling Shop, complete the Earlybird Ticket to Safety Commission to get access to Hollow Zero and complete your first assignment. Once you exit the Hollow Zero area, you are introduced to the Remodeling Shop, which is right next to the Video Club in Zenless Zone Zero.

For me, this happened at around level 15, but if you’re set on completing other side commissions before targeting Earlybird Ticket to Safety, you could be at a higher level. The Hollow Zero commission can be quite challenging, so make sure you level up and promote your characters up to level 20.

What is the Remodeling Shop in Zenless Zone Zero?

Remodeling Shop entrance in ZZZ
Knock, knock! Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Remodeling Shop is a facility to level up and enhance Bangboo and claim other Bangboo-related rewards in Zenless Zone Zero.

  • Navigate through the Bangboo line at the bottom. You can check them all out regardless of whether you own them or not.
  • Select a Bangboo to check out their Level, Core, Stats, and Skills.

Bangboo companions aren’t just for show. In addition to looking adorable, they also join the battlefield and provide help using their skills, whether dealing damage or healing your allied party members.

How to get more Bangboo in Zenless Zone Zero

You can get more Bangboo in the Bangboo Channel in the Signal Search tab in Zenless Zone Zero. You pull them like any other regular character, but instead of spending Encrypted Master Tape, as you would on the Mellow Waveride banner, you spend Boopons.

You can get Boopons by completing Hollow Zero challenges, Bangbuck Exchange purchases, and New Eridu City Fund and event rewards.

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