Zenless Zone Zero – What is the daily Tasks and Errands refresh time in ZZZ?

Completing daily Tasks and Errands in Zenless Zone Zero is essential if you’re a free-to-play player who wants to upgrade your characters efficiently. Log into the game every day after 4am CT, which is when daily Tasks and Errands refresh.

The New Eridu City Fund, which is the game’s battle pass, also has weekly Tasks that refresh at 4am CT every Monday. In the case of season Tasks, they have a longer time window to be completed, and the first season of the game ends on Aug. 12, which is likely when a new season will start as well. It’s likely that the new season will start at the same time as weekly and daily Tasks do. So, expect a new season of Zenless Zone Zero on Aug. 12 at 4am CT.

The weekly choice Errands should also refresh every Monday at 4am CT, along with the weekly Tasks.

Should you complete Errands or Tasks first?

The daily tasks screen in the ZZZ battle pass.
You have new missions to complete every day. Screenshot by Dot Esports

I recommend completing Errands first, then proceeding to the daily Tasks from the battle pass. Sometimes, daily Tasks in the New Eridu City Fund are related to Errands, like reaching 400 engagement in them. So, to complete all daily Tasks, you often need to finish the Errands first. The best daily routine is to start with Errands and then move on to daily Tasks. After that, continue playing through the story, side missions, and training you need to complete.

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