Zenless Zone Zero – Best Grace build in ZZZ

Calm and calculated, Grace Howard is another member of the Belobog Heavy Industries construction company, and she’s bringing a unique type of attack to the cast of Zenless Zone Zero.

Grace is an Electric-type Anomaly agent that specializes in using a collection of weaponry to weaken enemies and shock them into submission. She can also pair up with other Belobog Heavy members like Koleda and Ben for increased stats and other boosts to help them break down their enemies for easy elimination.

For those who are loyal to the Belobog, here is the best Grace build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Grace build in Zenless Zone Zero

Best W-Engine for Grace: Fusion Compiler

Fusion Compiler in ZZZ
They won’t see her coming. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The Fusion Compiler is a great W-Engine for Grace since it increases her attack by 12 percent while also boosting her Anomaly Proficiency by 25 after using a Special Attack or EX Special Attack. Since Grade uses both abilities quite frequently in a fight, her damage and efficiency will be increased by a significant amount, especially since it stacks up to three times during a sequence.

Best Drive Discs for Rina: 4 x Thunder Metal and 2 x Freedom Blues

Because Thunder Metal’s four-disc set bonus will increase Grace’s damage by 28 percent to all enemies affected by shock, she will be dishing out a ton of punishment since all she does is apply the shock debuff with her various attacks. Freedom Blues, on the other hand, will add 30 Anomaly Proficiency to her kit, which should help her hold her own against enemies of all kinds.

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