Zenless Zone Zero – Best Koleda build in ZZZ

When you’re building your team in Zenless Zone Zero, you might need a character like Koleda. She brings a stunning amount of crowd control and damage, especially when paired up with her trusty partner, Ben.

Koleda is the president of the Belobog Heavy Industries group, a construction company that specializes in working within the Hollows. She wields a large construction hammer and controls her powerful Furnace Fire passive to burn down enemies alongside other Belobog members, like Ben or Grace Howard.

If you want to lead your squad with the power of flame, here is the best Koleda build in Zenless Zone Zero.

Best Koleda build in Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Best Koleda build in ZZZ
For the love of construction. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Best W-Engine for Koleda: Hellfire Gears

Hellfire Gears is Koleda’s signature W-Engine. It’s built to help her regenerate energy at a faster pace while not on the field. She also uses her EX Special Attack, Boiling Furnace, often for massive effect, which causes Koleda to dish out more stuns while she swings her hammer at her enemies.

If you also have Ben on your team, he and Koleda also launch a coordinated attack with her EX Special Attack, making it even more potent as a combo starter for your squad as you swing into action with a powerful blast of Fire damage.

Best Drive Disc for Koleda: 4x Shockstar Disco and 2x Inferno Metal

Koleda is a stun machine, and a four-disc set of Shockstar Disco only elevates her ability to keep her enemies stationary while she ramps up for a devastating combination with her other allies. Shockstar Disco applies 20 percent more Daze to any enemies that are hit with a basic attack or dodge counter, and since Koleda uses plenty of her basic attacks, she’ll stun more enemies.

Inferno Metal is a great two-disc choice since she deals Fire damage, and this set increases her Fire damage by 10 percent, although you might want to grab a four-set Inferno Metal if Koleda is your main DPS. She is, however, more impactful as a secondary DPS behind a stronger character, so only use her as a main DPS if you’re still hunting for a better option.

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