Zenless Zone Zero – How to fix lag in ZZZ

If you’re trying to explore New Eridu but running into lag issues while playing Zenless Zone Zero, it can be difficult to get anything done. Luckily, there are several fixes you can try to get rid of the lag.

The gameplay experience can easily be bogged down by lots of lag, especially during important cutscenes and intense battles, so you need to fix this issue as swiftly as possible. Here’s how to fix lag in ZZZ.

How to fix lagging in Zenless Zone Zero

The Victoria Housekeeping Co. characters gathered around a table in Zenless Zone Zero.
Don’t let the lag stop you. Image via HoYoverse

There are lots of different reasons ZZZ might be lagging. Here’s a breakdown of each fix and what you need to do to implement them.

Check the minimum requirements

It’s always a good idea to review the game requirements and ensure you’re playing on a system that meets them when facing issues. The system requirements vary by platform, which means you’ll need to check for whichever specific platform you’re playing on.

Not meeting the requirements means your gameplay experience will be hindered, and that lag is pretty likely as are crashing errors. Unfortunately, the only fix for this issue is to move to a better system that does meet the requirements.

Reduce your graphic settings

Reducing your graphic settings might help you combat the lag you’re experiencing. You can do so by opening your Settings and navigating to the Graphics page. On this page, you can modify lots of specific settings to meet your needs.

It’s worth reducing settings like Image Quality, Shadows, Environment Quality, and Character Quality to see if this helps grant you a smoother gameplay experience. Change all settings to low and get back to exploring New Eridu to see if the lag goes away.

While you’re already reviewing your settings, it’s a good idea to check your difficulty settings so you can modify them depending on whether you’re seeking an easier or tougher experience.

Check your internet connection

Bad internet can cause all kinds of issues in ZZZ, lag included, so check to make sure you have a solid connection while running this game. On PC and PlayStation, you can run an internet test through your settings to see if this might be the cause of the error. On mobile, you may want to bounce between Wi-Fi and data to see what works best.

Four characters grouped together in Zenless Zone Zero.
New Eridu needs saving, so you need to get past the lag as swiftly as possible. Image via HoYoverse

Update your graphic drivers

Outdated graphic drivers could be the reason you’re running into lag. If your software isn’t up to date, it might not be prepared to run ZZZ which can easily cause the gacha game to lag.

The process for updating your graphic drivers varies for different systems, but they’re generally managed by a specific application. With Nvidia on PC, for example, the GeForce Experience application is where you would go to update your graphic drivers. You may instead be searching for other applications like AMD depending on your specific software.

Make sure the game is updated

There’s a chance the reason ZZZ is lagging might be because a fresh update has rolled out, so make sure to close the game and check for updates. Since this game receives free updates often, it’s fairly easy to miss one and run into lag issues if you try to play without installing it.

Repair the game

If all else fails, you might try repairing the game to make sure everything is loading as intended. The available options for ZZZ vary depending on where you’re playing it, but any version of this function can be helpful for getting rid of lag.

If you’re running ZZZ through HoYoPlay, open the launcher and select the three lines in the bottom right corner to find the Repair Now option. There’s no way to repair the files on mobile or PlayStation which means you may just have to uninstall the game and redownload it to see if this fixes the lag..

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