Zenless Zone Zero – How to unlock Daily Tasks and Errands in ZZZ

If you want to be a free-to-play player in Zenless Zone Zero, you need to unlock daily tasks and errands as soon as possible. These give you free currency and important items to upgrade your characters and pull new Signals in the banners.

If you’re eager to unlock these missions quickly and start your grind in ZZZ, you need to be patient because it will take a few hours of gameplay. Here’s how you can do it.

When do you unlock daily tasks and errands in ZZZ?

A screenshot of the day 1 errands in ZZZ.
You have a few errands to complete every day. Screenshot by Dot Esports

The unlock order of daily tasks and errands in ZZZ is that you first get daily tasks when you reach Inter-Knot level 10 and unlock both the HIA and Combat Simulations, along with fast travel. That’s also when you get the New Eridu City Fund—the battle pass. If you follow the red markers after unlocking all these systems, you get the Errands in the next cutscene after returning to Random Play. These are special missions that give you materials and currency like Polychrome, Inter-Knot Credit, and Denny.

I reached Inter-Knot level 10 and unlocked both daily tasks and Errands after completing the fourth mission of Chapter 1 in the Story Commissions, called Investigation: Explosive Train. That was after nearly three hours of gameplay from a fresh account, skipping all cutscenes.

Tasks vs. Errands difference in ZZZ

The difference between Tasks and Errands is what they’re used for. Tasks are missions that give you points for the Battle Pass, which is the New Eridu City Fund, to unlock rewards during the current season of Zenless Zone Zero. You have daily, weekly, and season tasks for this Battle Pass, and the game’s first season ends on August 12. Completing Tasks rewards you with points to level up your City Fund, which gives you extra rewards like currencies, Master Tapes, Investigator Logs, W-Engine Power Supplies, and other items.

Errands, on the other hand, are daily tasks you complete, like interacting with the world or logging into the game. These give you mainly Inter-Knot Credit, but also Denny, Bamboo Algorithm Modules, and upgrade items, but they don’t level up your battle pass. They’re essentially a way to get more Inter-Knot levels and some currencies to spend on hiring new characters and upgrading them.

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