Zenless Zone Zero – Who is the protagonist in ZZZ?

The choice between the two siblings may create or ease some tension for your squad members as you infiltrate the Hollows, but does your chosen protagonist really impact Zenless Zone Zero‘s story?

Here’s everything you need to know about ZZZ and its protagonist.

Who is the main character in ZZZ?

Zenless Zone Zero‘s protagonist is divided between two characters—Wise and Belle. Who you choose determines whether Belle or Wise is ZZZ‘s lead character. Your decision doesn’t affect the story, but the dialogue of these two characters is swapped around for each major cutscene, based on who you select as your main character. Neither Wise nor Belle are playable characters, however. The only time you can freely walk around as either is within The City and HQ.

Interestingly, Belle and Wise don’t play a combat role throughout ZZZ‘s story. Instead, they control the Bangboo, an intelligent device in the shape of a classic anime mascot sidekick in place to aid ZZZ‘s large cast of characters. You select your trio of members to take in with you for each Trial. These are who you actually control throughout the story. Wise and Belle remain in the background, with the dialogue between your squad and the Bangboo executed by your chosen protagonist.

The protagonist remains the same throughout, controlling the Bangboo, and guiding the characters you actively control for each Trial. Whoever is left behind (Wise or Belle) remains in the story, with a smaller role to play as the main character’s supportive sibling. You won’t be able to change your protagonist, nor does it affect your story aside from a difference in dialogue between your squad members and the main character during Trials.

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