Zenless Zone Zero – How to get and use Boopons in ZZZ

If you love your Bangboos, then you must farm as many Boopons as you can to assemble a strong army of tiny minions in Zenless Zone Zero.

Boopons are one of the many currencies in Zenless Zone Zero. But I wouldn’t blame you if you lost the signal somewhere in between Polychromes, Master Tapes, Encrypted Master Tapes, Residual Signals, and so on. Though you can get Boopons early on in the game, their purpose isn’t revealed until you reach level 15 and complete a specific mission. Plus, I’m sure that as soon as you put them to good use, you’ll need to know how you can get your hands on more. In this guide, I’ll shown you how to get and use Boopons in ZZZ.

How to get Boopons in Zenless Zone Zero

Get Boopons in ZZZ
All the Boopons. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Boopons are a currency required to unleash Signal Searches on Bangboo Channel. With Boopons, you can order a Bangboo to perform certain tasks for you depending on their skills in Zenless Zone Zero.

You can get Boopons in Hollow Zero, the Bangbuck Exchange, the New Eridu City Fund, The Road to Proxy Greatness, and other events. Let’s break down each option:

  • Hollow Zero: This is an end-game combat challenge mode you unlock after completing the commission Earlybird Ticket to Safety. As a reward for completing some challenges, you can get Boopons.
  • Bangbuck Exchange: You can stock up on Boopons on the in-game premium shop. This premium shop unlocks after completing the first Hollow Zero assignment. The currency used here is Bangbucks.
  • New Eridu City Fund: At around level 11, you unlock the New Eridu City Fund, Zenless Zone Zero‘s battle pass. By purchasing either the Basic or Growth Plan, you can get a Boopon every 10 battle pass levels.
  • Events: The Road to Proxy Greatness event rewards you with 10 Boopons every five Inter-Knot levels.
  • Bangboo Remodeling Shop: For leveling up a Bangboo to level 10, you get one Boopon.

How to use Boopons in Zenless Zone Zero

Exchange boopons in ZZZ
Butler Bangboo. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Once you’ve amassed enough Boopons, you can spend them in the Bangboo Signal to get new Bangboos and Bangboo upgrade materials in Zenless Zone Zero.

The Bangboo Channel Signal only unlocks after you have access to the Bangboo Remodeling shop next to the Video Club, which is right after you complete your first Hollow Zero assignment. For me, this was at level 15. After completing the tutorial for upgrading a Bangboo’s skills, you leave the shop, and the Bangboo Channel Signal is unlocked. Access it through the Pause menu and pull one or a batch of 10 Bangboo with your Boopons.

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