Zenless Zone Zero – How to complete the Rookie on the Road event in ZZZ

Zenless Zone Zero has launched with a multitude of things to do, ranging from completing the main storyline to pulling for the best character. But there’s also the Rookie on the Road event, which we’ll tell you how to complete.

While some events in Zenless Zone Zero are available for a limited time, Rookie on the Road is a permanent event that will stick around until you fully complete it, meaning that even if you start ZZZ later than anyone else, you won’t miss out.

Keeping tabs on the event alongside other tasks and missions can be confusing, though, so we’re here to help with a full breakdown of what you need to do to complete the Rookie on the Road event.

All Rookie on the Road missions

The event page for Rookie on the Road in Zenless Zone Zero.
Chip away. Screenshot by Dot Esports

There are five specific steps to earn rewards in the Rookie on the Road event, which take you across various aspects of the game—including missions, the Trials system, and unlocking different features.

Many of these tasks offer their own reward for completion, but by ticking them off in the Rookie on the Road event, there are extra goodies to snag. You can see all the tasks to complete below.

  • Complete Susie’s commission in the Main Story Prologue.
  • Complete Trial No. 03.
  • Complete Chapter One – Intermission objective “Head to the Turbo remodeling shop.”
  • Complete Trial No. 05.
  • Complete Chapter Two Main Commissions “Let’s Go, Bro” and “Mechanical Love,” as well as the “Call Ben Bigger” objective.

All Rookie on the Road event rewards

Ticking off each task in the Rookie on the Road event will snag you a variety of rewards, culminating in a new Agent to add to your squad. Each of these rewards is provided immediately upon completing the required task, which we have listed below.

  • Complete Susie’s Commission – A-Rank W-Engine Demara Battery Mark II.
  • Complete Trial No. 03 – A-Rank W-Engine Starlight Engine
  • Complete “Head to the Turbo remodeling shop” – A-Rank Bangboo Bagboo
  • Complete Trial No. 05 – A-Rank W-Engine Slice of Time
  • Chapter Two Main Commissions and objective – A-Rank Agent Ben

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