Zenless Zone Zero – How to get and use Fading Signal in ZZZ

As with many other gacha games, like Genshin Impact or Honkai: Star Rail, Zenless Zone Zero features various in-game currencies, one of which is the Fading Signal.

Understanding how to acquire and utilize Fading Signal currency can significantly enhance your ZZZ experience. You can think of this currency as similar to Masterless Stardust in Genshin or Undying Embers in Honkai—just more flexible.

How to obtain Fading Signal in ZZZ

Fading Signal currecny in Zenless Zone Zero
Here is what Fading Signal looks like in ZZZ. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Fading Signal is acquired through the game’s gacha system, Signal Search. Whenever you perform a Signal Search in any of the available channels, you can receive Fading Signals in your pull. While this currency is less rare compared to others, it still holds significant value as it can be used in the Signal Shop for upgrades.

Using Fading Signal in ZZZ

shop day 1 in Zenless Zone Zero
The first day of the game being live had the Fading Signal shop offering a big discount to its players. Screenshot by Dot Esports

You can use the Fading Signal you have collected at the Signal Shop. Here, you can purchase various items, including:

  • Encrypted Master Tapes
  • Master Tapes
  • Upgrade materials
  • Dennies, another currency in ZZZ

To spend your Signals, navigate to the Signal Shop tab and go to the appropriate page. Before purchasing, remember unlike the Residual Signal Shop, the Fading Signal Shop limits you to purchasing one Encrypted Master Tape and one Master Tape a month. Prioritize these purchases every time the shop refreshes to maximize your shopping spree.

As of the day of the game’s release, Tapes are available at a 40 percent discount in the Fading Signal Store, making it an excellent early investment.

However, Tapes aren’t the only items you can buy in ZZZ as well. Depending on your current needs, you might also consider spending your collected Signals on upgrade materials or Dennies to further enhance your general gameplay.

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