Zenless Zone Zero – How to Perfect Dodge in ZZZ

Zenless Zone Zero features fast-paced combat in New Eridu, and perfect dodges are skill-based moves that will give you an upper hand in your battles.

Unlike Zenless Zone Zero‘s usual dodges, perfect dodges are harder to pull off. However, once you master them completely, they become a tool to deal more damage to the enemies, making your combo smoother on the battlefield. Here’s everything you need to know about executing the Perfect Dodge in Zenless Zone Zero.

How to do Perfect Dodge in Zenless Zone Zero

Players using the Perfect Dodge in Zenless Zero Zone during a battle.
Look for the light and dodge the attacks on time. Screenshot by Dot Esports

To do a Perfect Dodge in Zenless Zone Zero, you have to look for the flash of light from the enemy and time your dodge ability at the same time. The timing can be tricky, but you can always master it by learning the enemy’s attack moves.

After completing the Perfect Dodge successfully in ZZZ, you also get an opportunity to Dodge Counter on the enemy. If you’re quick on the trigger, it deals huge damage to the enemy and fills up the daze bar, which makes them more vulnerable to your attacks. You can couple that with the perfect assist for even more power.

You can also use normal dodges while fighting the enemies and become invulnerable while dodging the enemy’s attacks. However, you can’t use that repeatedly in your fight because it depletes your energy, and the ability will go down for a brief cooldown period, leaving you with no defence on the battlefield.

To avoid that, weave in a few Perfect Dodges in your attacks, which also gives you a chance to counter the enemies’ aggression and help you get more energy back. Once you complete the main story once, you’ll get a VR Device in your home base. You can use it to train your reflexes to get better at using Perfect Dodges in your battles.

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