Zenless Zone Zero – Is ZZZ on GeForce Now?

Following the Zenless Zone Zero’s (ZZZ) release, fans of the genre were excited to dive into its post-apocalyptic world. However, for some gamers platform availability isn’t enough to ensure they can enjoy the game to its fullest. This is where cloud gaming services like NVIDIA’s GeForce Now come into play.

GeForce Now and similar services allow players with less powerful devices to experience high-quality gaming through streaming, as long as they have a decent internet connection.

Considering the platforms ZZZ is on, you’d expect it to be also available on cloud gaming services, but there isn’t a straightforward answer right now.

Can you play Zenless Zone Zero on GeForce Now?

Ben Bigger shown in the Agents screen in Zenless Zone Zero.
There have been bigger fish to fry, but priorities may start to change. Screenshot by Dot Esports

No, ZZZ is not currently available to play on GeForce Now. At the time of writing, ZZZ isn’t accessible on any cloud services, including GeForce Now, Boosteroid, or others. The game’s availability on these platforms remains uncertain as HoYoverse is yet to make any official announcements regarding cloud support for ZZZ.

Will Zenless Zone Zero come to GeForce Now?

Belle vs Wise ZZZ
No one can say no to new players and more availability. Image via HoyoVerse. Remix by Dot Esports

It’s likely ZZZ will eventually come to GeForce Now, even though it wasn’t immediately available at launch.

HoYoverse has a track record of making its popular titles accessible on cloud gaming platforms. Both Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail became available on GeForce Now after their release, which set a precedent for ZZZ to follow suit. Some players have even sent emails to HoYoverse with hopes of speeding up the process.

However, the procedure of bringing a game to cloud services like GeForce Now takes time and effort. The devs need to finalize the details of the collaboration first, which can take some time. This typically involves technical considerations, licensing agreements, and ensuring the game performs optimally in a cloud setting.

Additionally, HoYoverse may choose to focus on the initial launch platforms before expanding to cloud gaming services. They might want to ensure the game is stable and running smoothly on its primary platforms before considering additional distribution methods. Considering ZZZ has been running quite well on all platforms, including Steam Deck, it looks like HoYoverse doesn’t have much to worry about on this front.

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