No Rest for the Wicked’s combat, bosses, and suplexes impress early access streamers

No Rest for the Wicked, a soon-to-be-released “visceral, precision” action RPG, just finished a special early access period for content creators—and the streamer reactions to the game look very positive.

In a compilation of content creator clips posted on the official No Rest for the Wicked account on Twitter/X, a common thread shared by the streamers who participated in the event was how good the combat felt. Several of the finishing animations in combat produced very excited reactions from those playing. In particular, a handful of streamers popped for the use of a German suplex finishing move.

The combat looks like it feels very weighted, visceral, or “meaty” as some streamers put it, which helps it stand out from popular action RPG titles like Diablo. Even player deaths, which can sometimes be a source of frustration, had players either laughing or excited to jump back in and try again.

During this limited access event, creators also got the chance to take on a boss known as Warrick The Torn, a visually grotesque monster that was satisfying for players to finally defeat. Toward the end of the video, many of the creators shared their extended thoughts on the game, and many simply can’t wait for more.

Streamer Sacriel called the game “amazing” already. “Amazing audio, amazing graphics, amazing animation, interesting world, stunning map,” Sacriel said. “This is a masterpiece already.”

No Rest for the Wicked is Moon Studios’ first dive into the action RPG category after finding critical and commercial success in the platforming genre with Ori and the Blind Forest and its sequel Ori and the Will of the Wisps. This is the first title developed by Moon Studios under the Private Division publisher.

All players will be able to get their hands on No Rest for the Wicked when it releases on Steam in early access on April 18.

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